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  1. Peter Langford & Ian Bryan (2013). Hans Kelsen's Concept of Normative Imputation. Ratio Juris 26 (1):85-110.
    This article compares and contrasts Hans Kelsen's concept of normative imputation, in the Lecture Course of 1926, with the concepts of peripheral and central imputation, in The Pure Theory of Law of 1934. In this process, a wider and more significant distinction is revealed within the development of Hans Kelsen's theory of positive law. This distinction represents a shift in Kelsen's philosophical allegiance from the Neo-Kantianism of Windelband to that of Cohen. This, in turn, reflects a broader disengagement of The (...)
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  2. Peter Langford (2012). The 'Postnational Condition' of Law and Politics: A Review of Nico Krisch's Beyond Constitutionalism: The Pluralist Structure of Postnational Law by Peter Langford. [REVIEW] Jurisprudence 3 (1):295-306.
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  3. Peter Langford (1986). Modern Philosophies of Human Nature: Their Emergence From Christian Thought. Distributors for the U.S. And Canada, Kluwer Academic.
    Chapter 1 : Introduction General Argument My aim is to survey some of the most influential philosophical writers on human nature from the time that ...
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