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I have been interested in styles of philosophising. What do people do when they write philosophical texts? What is the sense or meaning they try to convey in and through their writings? For instance, what does it mean, when a philosopher says he or she is interested in talking about the ontological or phenomenological or logical terrain and not the psychological or the logical. And when she or he actually does write it, how is it (philosophical writing) different from fiction writing? Foucault's 'The Order of Things' and 'The Order of Discourse' have given me some ideas in the right direction... Since my interest is in philosophies of language, and not just in philosophy of language, more and more I am interested in the historical 'frames of philosophising.' The German historian Reinehart Kosseleck may be of interest here. One can see that scholars, in different places and different times have philosophised differently, and in terms of different frames... It is impossible to reduce them to any current dominant frame. It is in fact a mistake to try and do that...
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    Franson Manjali (2014). Labyrinths of Language -- Philosophical and Cultural Investigations. Aakar Books.
    Thirteen essays in this volume explore and investigate diverse contemporary philosophicla themes and issues...
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