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An independent researcher,I have a Masters degree in Engineering from the Ohio State University 1987.I have started to learn philosophy by myself on 1989, my self-philosophical project dates back to 1995 where I have formulated my first overall view about nature, philosophical method, language, and the trio-relation between science, philosophy and religion. In resonance to my scientific background I started to to educate myself to cope with contemporary knowledge of philosophy of science, in general, and philosophy of physics, in particular. I have published two major books in Arabic "Science and Conditions of Renaissance" (555 Pages), 2008; and "Science and the Arabic Worldview" (399 Pages), 2009. On Dec. 2010 this last book has earned the Prize of the most important Arabic Book (value of the prize is 75000 U S D). I have been a member board of the Egyptian philosophical Society since Dec, 1996 as well as the treasurer, I left the board on 2004 election. On Jan. 2008, I launched a philosophy site for contemporary Arabic philosophy titled 'Philosophers of the Arabs' ( in both English and Arabic languages.
My works
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  1. Abuzaid Samir (2014). The Unified Equation of Gravity and QM: The Case of Non-Relativistic Motion. AL-MUKHATABAT 11.
    We propose to simplify the problem of the unified theory of Quantum-Gravity through dealing first with the simple case of non-relativistic equations of Gravity and Quantum Mechanics. We show that unification of the two non-relativistic formalisms can be achieved through the joined classical and Quantum postulate that every natural body is composed of N identical final particles. This includes the current 'elementary' particles of the standard model such as quarks, photons, gluons, etc. Furthermore, we show that this opens a new (...)
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