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An independent philosopher,I have a Masters degree in Engineering from the Ohio State University 1987.I have started to learn philosophy by myself on 1989, my self-philosophical project dates back to 1995 where I have formulated my first overall view about nature, philosophical method, language, and the tri-relation between science, philosophy and religion. In resonance to my scientific background I started to to educate myself to cope with contemporary knowledge of philosophy of science, in general, and philosophy of consciousness, in particular. I have published two major books in Arabic "Science and Conditions of Renaissance" (555 Pages), 2008; and "Science and the Arabic Worldview" (399 Pages), 2009. I have been a member board of the Egyptian philosophical Society since Dec, 1996 as well as the treasurer, I left the board on 2004 election but I remain in a close relation to its activities. Lately, on Jan. 2008, I launched a philosophy site for contemporary Arabic philosophy titled 'Philosophers of the Arabs' ( in both English and Arabic languages.
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  1. Abuzaid Samir (2014). The Unified Equation of Gravity and QM: The Case of Non-Relativistic Motion. AL-MUKHATABAT 11.
    We propose to simplify the problem of the unified theory of Quantum-Gravity through dealing first with the simple case of non-relativistic equations of Gravity and Quantum Mechanics. We show that unification of the two non-relativistic formalisms can be achieved through the joined classical and Quantum postulate that every natural body is composed of N identical final particles. This includes the current 'elementary' particles of the standard model such as quarks, photons, gluons, etc. Furthermore, we show that this opens a new (...)
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