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I am currently working on a PhD on modality and the philosophy of language. I blog at, my own blog (founded early 2011) featuring articles with a focus on logic and language, and at, a group blog (founded May 2015). Homepage:
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  1. Tristan Haze, On Identity Statements: Against the Ascriptional Views.
    I argue against both relation-ascription views: the object-view, on which identity statements ascribe a relation borne by all objects to themselves, and the name-view, on which 'a is b' says that the names 'a' and 'b' codesignate. In philosophy since Frege, the object- and name-views are usually treated as if they exhaust the field. I make a case for treating identity statements as being sui generis. My contention is that once we do this, no analysis is required. -/- I do (...)
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  2. Tristan Haze (forthcoming). A Problem for Hofweber's Ontological Project. Philosophia 43:1-4.
    Thomas Hofweber's well-known ontological project crucially involves inferring negative existential statements from statements of non-reference, i.e. statements that say that some term or terms do not refer. Here, after explaining the context of this move, I aim to show that it is fallacious, and that this vitiates Hofweber's ontological project.
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