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  • PhD, University of Manchester, 1975.

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    Stephen Bigger (1998). Human Rights and Values Education in Europe: Research in Educational Law, Curricula and Textbooks (Book Review). Journal of Moral Education 27 (4):544-546.
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    Stephen Bigger, Ricoeur and the Hermeneutics of Suspicion, by Alison Scott-Baumann. (Book Review).
    Scott-Baumann’s topic in this book is an essential introduction to Ricoeur’s thinking over a long life; but Ricoeur’s work was vast, leaving her much work still needing to be done on his wide ranging and multi-disciplinary philosophy. I look forward to further volumes which, since his philosophical writing is dense, will help us all. I fully recommend this book. It is priced as for library purchase, and well worth ordering. For further reading, I also recommend the official Ricoeur website in (...)
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    Stephen Bigger & Jean Webb, Growing Environmental Activists: Developing Environmental Agency and Engagement Through Children’s Fiction.
    We explore how story has the potential to encourage environmental engagement and a sense of agency provided that critical discussion takes place. We illuminate this with reference to the philosophies of John Macmurray on personal agency and social relations; of John Dewey on the primacy of experience for philosophy; and of Paul Ricoeur on hermeneutics, dialogue, dialectics and narrative. We view the use of fiction for environmental understanding as hermeneutic, a form of conceptualising place which interprets experience and perception. The (...)
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    Stephen Bigger, Difference and Diversity.
    Review of Piper, H and Stronach I 2004 Educational Research: Difference and Diversity Aldershot: Ashgate Publishers. £45.00. IBSN 0754633551 This collection of papers on educational methodology are drawn from two conferences, ‘Realism, Relativism or Post-Modernism’ and ‘Feminism and Educational Research Methodologies’, suitably updated and with additional material. The overview and introduction are given in the final chapter, with separate text from each editor side by side in two columns. This overview is critical, even ‘rude’ so as not to seem to (...)
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    Stephen Bigger, Spirituality as a Process Within the School Curriculum.
    Spiritual education concerns the quality of our thinking about ourselves, our relationships, our sense of worth and identity, and our sense of well-being. All curriculum subjects can contribute to this search for meaning. Religious education and the act of worship can contribute but are in practice very problematic if dogma inhibits open reflection. No one tradition of spirituality should be promoted since spirituality is a process. The world faiths provide starting points, but life provides more. The human spirit may be (...)
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