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    Eyal Benvenisti (2016). Democracy Captured: The Mega‐Regional Agreements and the Future of Global Public Law. Constellations 23 (1):58-70.
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    Eyal Benvenisti (2009). Comment on Brian Langille: "What is International Labor Law For?". Law and Ethics of Human Rights 3 (1):83-86.
    This comment on Brian Langille's article agrees with Langille's claim that inter-state competition should not be viewed as the main challenge to the global efforts to regulate labor rights. The comment suggests, however, that there is another type of competition that poses a challenge, namely a transnational competition which takes place among sub-state actors. Focusing on this "transnational conflict paradigm," the ILO has the tools to engage domestic constituencies in an effort to promote labor rights within the respective member states.
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    Eyal Benvenisti, The Conception of International Law as a Legal System.
    Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of the German approach to public law in general and to public international law in particular is the systemic vision: the effort to envision the various legal norms as arranged within a hierarchy, composing together a coherent, logical order. This essay highlights what I believe to be the contribution of this systemic vision to international law and politics. This approach has contributed significantly to the emergent conception of international law as a legal system. The system (...)
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