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  • Graduate student, San Francisco State University

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Particular interests are topics pertaining to business and organizational ethics, climate justice, and environmental ethics. Bachelor of Arts in finance Master of Business Administration Master of International Business Master of Arts Philosophy
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  1. Brent Strickland, Matthew Fisher, Frank Keil & Joshua Knobe (2014). Syntax and Intentionality: An Automatic Link Between Language and Theory-of-Mind. Cognition 133 (1):249–261.
    Three studies provided evidence that syntax influences intentionality judgments. In Experiment 1, participants made either speeded or unspeeded intentionality judgments about ambiguously intentional subjects or objects. Participants were more likely to judge grammatical subjects as acting intentionally in the speeded relative to the reflective condition (thus showing an intentionality bias), but grammatical objects revealed the opposite pattern of results (thus showing an unintentionality bias). In Experiment 2, participants made an intentionality judgment about one of the two actors in a partially (...)
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  2. Matthew Fisher (2012). Karen Jankulak, Geoffrey of Monmouth. (Writers of Wales.) Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2010. Paper. Pp. Vii, 118. £16.99. ISBN: 978-0708321515. [REVIEW] Speculum 87 (1):239-240.
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  3. Matthew Fisher (2009). Geoffrey Of Monmouth, The History of the Kings of Britain, Ed. And Trans. Michael A. Faletra. Peterborough, Ont., and Buffalo, N.Y.: Broadview, 2008. Paper. Pp. 307. $19.95. [REVIEW] Speculum 84 (2):434-435.
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