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  • Faculty, Clemson University
  • PhD, Boston University, 2012.

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I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Clemson University. I work on moral, political, and legal philosophy.
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  1. Candice Delmas (2014). Samaritanism and Political Legitimacy. Analysis 74 (2):254-262.
    On Christopher H. Wellman’s Samaritan account of political legitimacy, the state is justified in coercing its subjects because doing so is necessary to rescue them from the perils of the state of nature. Samaritanism – the principle that we are morally permitted to do what is necessary to rescue someone from serious peril if in doing so we do not impose unreasonable costs on others – only justifies a minimal state, in Wellman’s view. I argue contra Wellman that Samaritanism justifies (...)
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  2. Candice Delmas (2014). Three Harms of 'Conversion' Therapy. AJOB Neuroscience 5 (1):22-23.
  3. Candice Delmas (2014). Three Reasons to Ban Advertising for Health Care Services. American Journal of Bioethics 14 (3):51-52.
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  4. Candice Delmas (2013). Political Resistance: A Matter of Fairness. Law and Philosophy:1-24.
    In this paper, I argue that the principle of fairness can license both a duty of fair play, which is used to ground a moral duty to obey the law in just or nearly just societies, and a duty of resistance to unfair and unjust social schemes. The first part of the paper analyzes fairness’ demands on participants in mutually beneficial schemes of coordination, and its implications in the face of injustice. Not only fairness does not require complying with unfair (...)
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  5. Candice Delmas (2012). Enhancing Human Capacities – Edited by J. Savulescu, R. Ter Meulen & G. Kahane. [REVIEW] Journal of Applied Philosophy 29 (2):162-165.
  6. Daniel Star & Candice Delmas (2011). Three Conceptions of Practical Authority. Jurisprudence 2 (1):143-160.
    Joseph Raz’s much discussed service conception of practical authority has recently come under attack from Stephen Darwall, who proposes that we instead adopt a second- personal conception of practical authority.1 We believe that the best place to start understanding practical authority is with a pared back conception of it, as simply a species of normative authority more generally, where this species is picked out merely by the fact that the normative authority in question is authority in relation to action, rather (...)
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  7. Susanne Sreedhar & Candice Delmas (2010). State Legitimacy and Political Obligation in Justice for Hedgehogs: The Radical Potential of Dworkinian Dignity. Boston University Law Review 90 (2):737-758.
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