Christopher Michael Cloos University of California at Santa Barbara
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My primary research interests are in epistemology, ethics, and philosophy of mind. Additional interests include language, logic, science, probability, law, political philosophy, action theory, and early modern philosophy.
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  1. Christopher Cloos (2009). The Evidential Weight of Considered Moral Judgments. Dissertation, San Jose State University
    The input objection to reflective equilibrium (RE) claims that the method fails as a method of moral justification. According to the objection considered moral judgments(CMJs) are not truth‐conducive. Because the method uses inputs that are not credible the method does not generate justified moral beliefs. I solve the input objection by reinterpreting RE using contemporary developments in ethical intuitionism. In the first half of the thesis I setup the input objection, explore potential responses to the objection and uncover the best (...)
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