Daniel Clay Davis Mary Washington College, Strayer College
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For the last four years I've been teaching Critical Thinking, World Cultures and World Religions at Strayer University. Previously I taught Introduction to Philosophy and Logic at several other local colleges and universities. My Masters and PhD in Philosophy were awarded in 1982 by The American University, with specializations in Philosophy od Science and Philosophy of Religion. My dissertation argued for an ontology-based reconstruction of the development of atomism in early Greek philosophy. I am very interested in argument concerning the reality of spatial relations. Specifically, I argue for the empirical hypothesis that space is a substantial component of the ontological make-up of the physical universe, "the whole world". My other main interest is in explaining the qualitative nature of our empirical experiences, our sensory data. Namely, the best way to explain its irreducibly subjective nature with an empirical hypothesis that does not beg the question. Most of what I have written is published only in these and other online forums.
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  1. Daniel C. Davis (1982). A Physicalist Critique of the Development of Atomism in Early Greek Philosophy. Dissertation, The American University
    In this dissertation I uncover a logic of the development of atomism in early Greek philosophy that has not been previously recognized in the philosophical literature. This logic results from the nature of subjectivity and the attempt by reflective subjects to understand the world in which they live. Thus because of the nature of illusions built in to perception and reflection, reflective subjects who attempt to understand their world will develop more or less accurate accounts according to their ability to (...)
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