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  • Faculty, University of Calgary
  • PhD, Canterbury University, 2000.

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    Nicole Wyatt (forthcoming). Intentionality, Cognition, and Mental Representation in Medieval Philosophy, Edited by Gyula Klima. Australasian Journal of Philosophy:1-1.
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  2. Nicole Wyatt (2009). Failing to Do Things with Words. Southwest Philosophy Review 25 (1):135-142.
    It has become standard for feminist philosophers of language to analyze Catherine MacKinnon's claim in terms of speech act theory. Backed by the Austinian observation that speech can do things and the legal claim that pornography is speech, the claim is that the speech acts performed by means of pornography silence women. This turns upon the notion of illocutionary silencing, or disablement. In this paper I observe that the focus by feminist philosophers of language on the failure to achieve uptake (...)
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  3. Nicole Wyatt (2007). The Pragmatics of Empty Names. Dialogue 46 (4):663-681.
    Fred Adams and collaborators advocate a view on which empty-name sentences semantically encode incomplete propositions, but which can be used to conversationally implicate descriptive propositions. This account has come under criticism recently from Marga Reimer and Anthony Everett. Reimer correctly observes that their account does not pass a natural test for conversational implicatures, namely, that an explanation of our intuitions in terms of implicature should be such that we upon hearing it recognize it to be roughly correct. Everett argues that (...)
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    Nicole Wyatt (2004). What Are Beall and Restall Pluralists About? Australasian Journal of Philosophy 82 (3):409 – 420.
    In this paper I argue that Beall and Restall's claim that there is one true logic of metaphysical modality is incompatible with the formulation of logical pluralism that they give. I investigate various ways of reconciling their pluralism with this claim, but conclude that none of the options can be made to work.
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  5. Nicole Wyatt (2001). Ralph H. Johnson, Manifest Rationality: A Pragmatic Theory of Argument. [REVIEW] Philosophy in Review 21:185-187.
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    Nicole Wyatt (2001). Review of The Philosophical Computer. [REVIEW] Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 63 (2):489-492.
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    Nicole Wyatt (2000). Did Duns Scotus Invent Possible Worlds Semantics? Australasian Journal of Philosophy 78 (2):196 – 212.
    I argue that, contra the claims of Knuuttila and Dumont, Scotus can not be credited with the invention of possible worlds semantics.
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