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There is so much to learn and discover out there. It just makes me feel excited.
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    Kristie Miller & Michael Duncan (2015). Modal Persistence and Modal Travel. Ratio 28 (3):241-255.
    We argue that there is an interesting modal analogue of temporal persistence, namely modal persistence, and an interesting modal analogue of time travel, namely modal travel. We explicate each of these notions and then argue that there are plausible conditions under which some ordinary objects modally persist. We go on to consider whether it is plausible that any modally persistent objects also modally travel.
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    Michael Duncan (2013). The New Christian Rhetoric of Origen. Philosophy and Rhetoric 46 (1):88-104.
    General agreement exists among historians of rhetoric that Augustine’s De doctrina christiana is the first original theoretical conceptualization of rhetoric in the West after that of Cicero. Kenneth Burke called book 4 of De doctrina christiana “the first great Christian rhetoric” (50). This general opinion has not changed much: the introduction to a 2008 collection of seminal essays on De doctrina christiana states that it “may be the first significant exploration of the relationship between rhetoric and religion in that Augustine (...)
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