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  1. Nancy McHugh (forthcoming). Keeping the Strange Unfamiliar: The Racial Privilege of Dismantling Whiteness. In George Yancy (ed.), How Does it Feel to be a (White) Problem? Lexington Press.
  2. Nancy McHugh (2011). More Than Skin Deep: Situated Communities and the Case of Agent Orange in Viet Nam,”. In Heidi Grasswick (ed.), Feminist Epistemology and Philosophy of Science: Power in Knowledge.
    I build upon feminist arguments for situated knowledge and pragmatist arguments for experimental inquiry to articulate and argue for an approach that I refer to as situated communities. This approach seeks to generate effective and ethical scientific research practices by asking that researchers focus on communities in their complex environment as subjects of study instead of relying primarily on clinical trials and laboratory research. Communities should be recognized as situated epistemic agents and as changing, evolving centers of life. Doing so (...)
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  3. Nancy McHugh (2011). Passing at the Margins of Race and Sex,. In D. Cooley K. Harrison (ed.), Passing/Out: Identity Veiled and Revealed.
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  4. Nancy McHugh, Situating Knowledge Through the Mothers Committee of Bayview Hunters Point. IAPh Symposium 2010.
  5. Nancy McHugh (2007). Feminist Philosophies A-Z. University of Edinburgh Press.
    This volume is an indispensable resource for philosophers, students, and Women's Studies faculties as well as anyone with an interest in feminist philosophy.".
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  6. Nancy McHugh (2007). It’s In the Meat: Science Studies, Science Fiction and Ruth Ozeki’s Demystification of Scientific Knowledge. In Margaret Grebowicz (ed.), SciFi in the Mind’s Eye: Reading Science through Science Fiction.
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  7. Nancy McHugh (2006). On the Very Idea of a Feminist Epistemology for Science: Review Symposium for Sharyn Clough's Beyond Epistemology: A Pragmatist Approach to Feminist Science Studies. Metascience 15 (1):15-21.
  8. Nancy McHugh (2005). Telling Her Own Truth: June Jordan, Standard English and the Epistemology of Ignorance. In V. Kinloch M. Grebowicz (ed.), Still Seeking an Attitude.
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  9. Nancy McHugh (1999). Report - the Conference on World Community and Democracy: Is the State Obsolete? [REVIEW] Journal of Value Inquiry 33 (1):99-108.
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