Corey J. Maley Princeton University, University of Kansas
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I am an Acting Assistant Professor at the University of Kansas, and an ABD graduate student at Princeton University specializing in moral psychology, as well as computational explanation in the philosophies of psychology and cognitive science.
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  1. Corey Maley & Gualtiero Piccinini (2013). Get the Latest Upgrade: Functionalism 6.3.1. Philosophia Scientiae 17 (2):135-149.
    Functionalism is a popular solution to the mind–body problem. It has a number of versions. We outline some of the major releases of functionalism, listing some of their important features as well as some of the bugs that plagued these releases. We outline how different versions are related. Many have been pessimistic about functionalism’s prospects, but most criticisms have missed the latest upgrades. We end by suggesting a version of functionalism that provides a complete account of the mind.
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  2. Corey J. Maley (2011). Analog and Digital, Continuous and Discrete. Philosophical Studies 155 (1):117-131.
    Representation is central to contemporary theorizing about the mind/brain. But the nature of representation--both in the mind/brain and more generally--is a source of ongoing controversy. One way of categorizing representational types is to distinguish between the analog and the digital: the received view is that analog representations vary smoothly, while digital representations vary in a step-wise manner. I argue that this characterization is inadequate to account for the ways in which representation is used in cognitive science; in its place, I (...)
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