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  • Postdoc, Universidad de Murcia
  • PhD, Universidad de Murcia, 2009.

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    Juan José Lara (2011). Talking About Nothing. [REVIEW] Teorema: International Journal of Philosophy (3).
    Review of "Talking about nothing. Numbers, hallucinations, and fictons". Jody Azzouni. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010.
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    Juan José Lara (2010). Ontological Commitment: Syntax, Semantics and Subjectivism. In A. Jaume, M. Liz, D. Pérez, M. Ponte & M. Vázquez (eds.), Proceedings of the Sixth Conference of the Spanish Society for Analytic Philosophy. SEFA
  3. Juan José Lara (2009). Underdetermination Vs. Indeterminacy. Daimon: Revista de Filosofia 47:219-228.
    Thomas Bonk has dedicated a book to analyzing the thesis of underdetermination of scientific theories, with a chapter exclusively devoted to the analysis of the relation between this idea and the indeterminacy of meaning. Both theses caused a revolution in the philosophic world in the sixties, generating a cascade of articles and doctoral theses. Agitation seems to have cooled down, but the point is still debated and it may be experiencing a renewed resurgence.
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