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  1. Ewan Kingston (2014). Climate Change as a Three-Part Ethical Problem: A Response to Jamieson and Gardiner. Science and Engineering Ethics 20 (4):1129-1148.
    Dale Jamieson has claimed that conventional human-directed ethical concepts are an inadequate means for accurately understanding our duty to respond to climate change. Furthermore, he suggests that a responsibility to respect nature can instead provide the appropriate framework with which to understand such a duty. Stephen Gardiner has responded by claiming that climate change is a clear case of ethical responsibility, but the failure of institutions to respond to it creates a (not unprecedented) political problem. In assessing the debate between (...)
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  2. Ewan Kingston (2014). Climate Justice and Temporally Remote Emissions. Social Theory and Practice 40 (2):281-303.
    Many suggest that we should look backward and measure the differences among various parties’ past emissions of greenhouse gases to allocate moral responsibility to remedy climate change. Such backward-looking approaches face two key objections: that previous emitters were unaware of the consequences of their actions, and that the emitters who should be held responsible have disappeared. I assess several arguments that try to counter these objections: the argument from strict liability, arguments that the beneficiary of harmful or unjust emissions should (...)
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  3. Ewan Kingston (2013). Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World by J. Broome, 2012 New York, Nortonxiv + 210 Pp, $23.95 (Hb) $11.99 (Ebook) $17.95 (Audiobook). [REVIEW] Journal of Applied Philosophy 30 (4):395-397.
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