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    James G. Quigley (2015). Moral Psychology and the Unity of Morality. Utilitas 27 (2):119-146.
    Jonathan Haidt's research on moral cognition has revealed that political liberals moralize mostly in terms of Harm and Fairness, whereas conservatives moralize in terms of those plus loyalty to Ingroup, respect for Authority, and Purity. Some have concluded that the norms of morality encompass a wide variety of subject matters with no deep unity. To the contrary, I argue that the conservative position is partially debunked by its own lights. IAP norms’ moral relevance depends on their tendency to promote welfare. (...)
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    James G. Quigley (2013). Daniel Kelly, Yuck! The Nature and Moral Significance of Disgust (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2011), 208 Pp. ISBN: 978-0262-01558-5. $30.00/£20.95 (Cloth). [REVIEW] Journal of Moral Philosophy 10 (4):561-563.
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  3. James Quigley (2011). Michael Slote, Moral Sentimentalism. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 14 (4):483-486.
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