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  • Postdoc, Institut Jean Nicod
  • PhD, City University of New York, 2013.

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I'm a post-doctoral researcher at Institut Jean Nicod in Paris, France. Next year I'll be Assistant Professor of Philosophy/Cognitive Science at Carleton University in Ottawa. Last year, I received my Ph.D. from The Graduate Center, City University of New York. I wrote my dissertation, "The Nature of Agentive Awareness", under the supervision of David Rosenthal.
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    Aaron Schurger, Myrto Mylopoulos & David Rosenthal (2016). Neural Antecedents of Spontaneous Voluntary Movement: A New Perspective. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 20 (2):77-79.
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    Myrto Mylopoulos (2012). Evaluating the Case for the Low-Level Approach to Agentive Awareness. Philosophical Topics 40 (2):103-127.
    Agentive awareness is the awareness one has of oneself as acting, or as performing a particular action. Theorists distinguish between high-level , low-level , and integrative approaches to explaining this brand of subjective awareness. In this paper, I evaluate the commitment of both low-level and integrative approaches to the claim that the representations involved in sensorimotor control, specifically as described by the comparator model , contribute in some significant way to agentive awareness. I examine the main empirical data offered in (...)
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