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  • Faculty, Universidad de Los Andes
  • PhD, Australian National University, 2005.

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  1. Ricky Cooper, Michael Davis & Ben Van Vliet (2016). The Mysterious Ethics of High-Frequency Trading. Business Ethics Quarterly 26 (1):1-22.
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    Michael Davis (2016). The Price of a Person. International Journal of Applied Philosophy 30 (1):105-114.
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    Michael Davis (2011). A Little Give and Take: Problems in the Empiricism of Sellars and His Followers. Discusiones Filosóficas 11 (17):53-67.
    The starting point of this paper is Sellars’s rejection of foundationalist empiricism as found in his discussion of the Myth of the Given. Sellars attacks the Myth from two main angles, corresponding to the two elements of empiricism: the idea that our beliefs are justified by the world, and the idea that our concepts are derived from experience. In correctly attacking the second, Sellars is also, incorrectly, led to attack the first. Thus, Sellars rejects the commonsensical idea that at least (...)
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