About me
I am retired from teaching at St. Francis College in Brooklyn,NY. I am an authority on Aristotle, and on, believe it or not, Kafka, a philosophical writer. Though I have spent a lot of time lately on papers for presentation, I want very soon to return to my very ambitious work, The Origins and Meaning of Modernity. Philosophy of History fascinates me.
My works
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    Lawrence Nannery (1981). The Problem of the Two Lives in Aristotle's Ethics. International Philosophical Quarterly 21 (3):276-292.
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  2. Lawrence Nannery (1979). Aristotle's Philosophy of Praxis. Dissertation, New School for Social Research
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    Lawrence Nannery (1978). John Cooper, Reason and Human Good in Aristotle. Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 7 (1):129-142.
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