Forthcoming articles
  1. Christian Barry & Gerhard Øverland (forthcoming). The Implications of Failing to Assist. Social Theory and Practice 40 (4).
  2. Rekha Nath (forthcoming). Two Wrong Don't Make a Right: A Critique of Virgina Held's Deontological Justification of Terrorism. Social Theory and Practice.
    Virginia Held argues that terrorism can be justified in some instances. But unlike standard, consequentialist justifications, hers is deontological. This paper critically examines her argument. It explores how the values of fairness, responsibility, and desert can serve to justify acts of terrorism. In doing so, two interpretations of her account are considered: a responsibility-insensitive and a responsibility-sensitive interpretation. On the first, her argument collapses into a consequentialist justification. On the second, it relies on an implausible conception of responsibility. Either way, (...)
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  3. Samuel Kerstein (forthcoming). Forthcoming. Death, Dignity, and Respect. Social Theory and Practice.
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