1. Ward Jones & Thaddeus Metz (2015). The Politics of Doing Philosophy in Africa (Tentative Title). South African Journal of Philosophy 34 (4).
  2. Andrea C. Palk (2015). The Implausibility of Appeals to Human Dignity: An Investigation Into the Efficacy of Notions of Human Dignity in the Transhumanism Debate. South African Journal of Philosophy 34 (1).
    In recent decades, recourse to notions of human dignity has increased extensively within the field of bioethics. In particular, the notion has been utilised in arguments that seek to constrain a variety of biotechnological endeavours, examples of which include human cloning and transhumanism. In this regard, transhumanism is frequently described as an affront to human dignity in a manner that appears to be aimed at halting the possibility of further debate. The efficacy of the concept of human dignity has itself, (...)
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