Forthcoming articles
  1. Patrick J. Connolly (forthcoming). Lockean Superaddition and Lockean Humility. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science.
    This paper offers a new approach to an old debate about superaddition in Locke. Did Locke claim that some objects have powers that are unrelated to their natures or real essences? The question has split commentators. Some (Wilson, Stuart, Langton) claim the answer is yes and others (Ayers, Downing, Ott) claim the answer is no. This paper argues that both of these positions may be mistaken. I show that Locke embraced a robust epistemic humility. This epistemic humility includes ignorance of (...)
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  2. Ian James Kidd (forthcoming). Feyerabend on Politics, Education, and Scientific Culture. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science.
    The purpose of this paper is to offer a sympathetic reconstruction of the political thought of Paul Feyerabend. Using a critical discussion of the idea of the ‘free society’ it is suggested that his political thought is best understood in terms of three thematic concerns – liberation, hegemony, and the authority of science – and that the political significance of those claims become clear when they are considered in the context of his educational views. It emerges that Feyerabend is best (...)
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  3. Edouard Machery (forthcoming). One Hundred Years of Psychology of Concepts: Theoretical Notions and Their Operationalization. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science.
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