1. Gary Hatfield (2003). Representation and Constraints: The Inverse Problem and the Structure of Visual Space. Acta Psychologica 114:355-378.
    Visual <span class='Hi'>space</span> can be distinguished from physical <span class='Hi'>space</span>. The first is found in visual experience, while the second is defined independently of perception. Theorists have wondered about the relation between the two. Some investigators have concluded that visual <span class='Hi'>space</span> is non-Euclidean, and that it does not have a single metric structure. Here it is argued (1) that visual <span class='Hi'>space</span> exhibits contraction in all three dimensions with increasing distance from the observer, (2) that experienced features of this (...)
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    Maryellen Hamilton & Suparna Rajaram (2003). States of Awareness Across Multiple Memory Tasks: Obtaining a "Pure" Measure of Conscious Recollection. Acta Psychologica 112 (1):43-69.
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