1. Gary Hatfield (2003). Representation and Constraints: The Inverse Problem and the Structure of Visual Space. Acta Psychologica 114:355-378.
    Visual space can be distinguished from physical space. The first is found in visual experience, while the second is defined independently of perception. Theorists have wondered about the relation between the two. Some investigators have concluded that visual space is non-Euclidean, and that it does not have a single metric structure. Here it is argued that visual space exhibits contraction in all three dimensions with increasing distance from the observer, that experienced features of this contraction are (...)
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    Maryellen Hamilton & Suparna Rajaram (2003). States of Awareness Across Multiple Memory Tasks: Obtaining a "Pure" Measure of Conscious Recollection. Acta Psychologica 112 (1):43-69.
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