Forthcoming articles
  1. Robert J. Rovetto (forthcoming). Presentism and the Problem of Singular Propositions About Non-Present Objects – Limitations of a Proposed Solution. Polish Journal of Philosophy 8 (1).
    In “A Defense of Presentism”, Ned Markosian addresses the problem of singular propositions about non-present objects. The proposed solution uses a paraphrasing strategy that differentiates between two kinds of meaning in declarative sentences, and also distinguishes between two truth-conditions for singular propositions. The solution, however, is unsatisfactory. I demonstrate that the both truth-conditions suffer from the same problems in spite of the examples used to support the claim that one is a proper treatment for singular propositions. Part of the difficulty (...)
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  2. Maciej Sendłak (forthcoming). Modal Meinongianism, Russell's Paradox, and the Language/Metalanguage Distinction. Polish Journal of Philosophy.
    The subject of my article is the principle of characterization – the most controversial principle of Meinong’s Theory of Objects. The aim of this text is twofold. First of all, I would like to show that Russell’s well-known objection to Meinong’s Theory of Objects can be reformulated against a new modal interpretation of Meinongianism that is presented mostly by Graham Priest. Secondly, I would like to propose a strategy which gives uncontroversial restriction to the principle of characterization and which allows (...)
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