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    Ted Lewis & Leslie Marsh (2016). Human-Human Stigmergy. Cognitive Systems Research 38 (June):1-60.
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    Ted Lewis & Leslie Marsh (2016). Human Stigmergy: Theoretical Developments and New Applications. Cognitive Systems Research 38 (June):1-3.
    This special issue of Cognitive Systems Research is intended as a follow-up and a companion to an earlier issue devoted to the theme of stigmergy, what we termed stigmergy 3.0 ( Doyle & Marsh, 2013). It reinforces the idea that the observation and the theorizing of the mechanism of stigmergy is no longer the sole preserve of eusocial insects (termites for example), eukaryotic cellular organisms (slime mold) and the flocking, herding, and schooling of organisms with much higher cognitive capacity than (...)
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