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    Luca Tranchini (forthcoming). Proof-Theoretic Semantics, Paradoxes and the Distinction Between Sense and Denotation. Journal of Logic and Computation 2014.
    In this paper we show how Dummett-Prawitz-style proof-theoretic semantics has to be modified in order to cope with paradoxical phenomena. It will turn out that one of its basic tenets has to be given up, namely the definition of the correctness of an inference as validity preservation. As a result, the notions of an argument being valid and of an argument being constituted by correct inference rules will no more coincide. The gap between the two notions is accounted for by (...)
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    Thomas Macaulay Ferguson (forthcoming). Faulty Belnap Computers and Subsystems of FDE. Journal of Logic and Computation.
    In this article, we consider variations of Nuel Belnap's "artificial reasoner". In particular, we examine cases in which the artificial reasoner is faulty, e.g. situations in which the reasoner is unable to calculate the value of a formula due to an inability to retrieve the values of its atoms. In the first half of the article, we consider two ways of modelling such circumstances and prove the deductive systems arising from these two types of models to be equivalent to Graham (...)
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    Olivier Roy & Ole Thomassen Hjortland (forthcoming). Dynamic Consequence for Soft Information. Journal of Logic and Computation.
  4. Robert Trypuz & Piotr Kulicki (forthcoming). On Deontic Action Logics Based on Boolean Algebra. Journal of Logic and Computation.
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