Forthcoming articles
  1. Olivier L. Georgeon & James B. Marshall (forthcoming). Demonstrating Sensemaking Emergence in Artificial Agents: A Method and an Example. International Journal of Machine Consciousness 5 (2):131-144.
    We propose an experimental method to study the possible emergence of sensemaking in artificial agents. This method involves analyzing the agent's behavior in a test bed environment that presents regularities in the possibilities of interaction afforded to the agent, while the agent has no presuppositions about the underlying functioning of the environment that explains such regularities. We propose a particular environment that permits such an experiment, called the Small Loop Problem. We argue that the agent's behavior demonstrates sensemaking if the (...)
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  2. Joel Parthemore & Blay Whitby (forthcoming). What Makes Any Agent a Moral Agent? Reflections on Machine Consciousness and Moral Agency. International Journal of Machine Consciousness 5 (2):105-129.
    In this paper, we take moral agency to be that context in which a particular agent can, appropriately, be held responsible for her actions and their consequences. In order to understand moral agency, we will discuss what it would take for an artifact to be a moral agent. For reasons that will become clear over the course of the paper, we take the artifactual question to be a useful way into discussion but ultimately misleading. We set out a number of (...)
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