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    Holly Lawford-Smith (forthcoming). Unethical Consumption & Obligations to Signal. Ethics and International Affairs.
    Many of the items that humans consume are produced in ways that involve serious harms to persons. Familiar examples include the harms involved in the extraction and trade of conflict minerals (e.g. coltan, diamonds), the acquisition and import of non- fair trade produce (e.g. coffee, chocolate, bananas, rice), and the manufacture of goods in sweatshops (e.g. clothing, sporting equipment). In addition, consumption of certain goods (significantly fossil fuels and the products of the agricultural industry) involves harm to the environment, to (...)
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    A. Bellamy & T. Dunne (forthcoming). Responsibility to Protect on Trail–or Assad? Ethics and International Affairs.
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    Friedrich Kratochwil (forthcoming). International Law as an Approach to International Ethics: A Plea for a Jurisprudential Diagnostics. Ethics and International Affairs.
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    Anthony Morin & Ari Kohen (forthcoming). Intervention is Prevention. Ethics and International Affairs.
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