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    Sonja Fritzsche (forthcoming). A Rosicrucian Utopia in Eighteenth-Century Russia. The Masonic Circle of N. I. Novikov by Raffaella Faggionato (Review). [REVIEW] Utopian Studies 24 (2):367-370.
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    Sonja Fritzsche (forthcoming). Petrified Utopia. Happiness Soviet Style Ed. By Marina Balina, Evgeny Dobrenko (Review). [REVIEW] Utopian Studies 24 (2):371-374.
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    Karen Pagani (forthcoming). Rousseau et l'utopie: De l'Etat insulaire aux cosmotopies by Antoine Hatzenberger (review). [REVIEW] Utopian Studies 24 (2):359-362.
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    Lyman Tower Sargent (forthcoming). The Encyclopedic Guide to American Intentional Communities by Timothy Miller (Review). [REVIEW] Utopian Studies 24 (2):363-366.
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    Alireza Omid Bakhsh (forthcoming). The Virtuous City: The Iranian and Islamic Heritage of Utopianism. Utopian Studies 24 (1):41-51.
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    Nathaniel Robert Walker (forthcoming). Reforming the Way: The Palace and the Village in Daoist Paradise. Utopian Studies 24 (1):6-22.
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    Gregory Claeys (forthcoming). William Godwin and the Theatre, And: The Plays of William Godwin (Review). Utopian Studies 23 (2):540-542.
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    John S. Partington (forthcoming). Woody Guthrie, American Radical (Review). Utopian Studies 23 (2):550-556.
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    David Seed (forthcoming). Unvarnishing Reality: Subversive Russian and American Cold War Satire (Review). Utopian Studies 23 (2):537-539.
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    Daniel Lukes (forthcoming). In Other Worlds—SF and the Human Imagination (Review). Utopian Studies 23 (1):290-294.
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    Jim Nawrocki (forthcoming). In Utopia: Six Kinds of Eden and the Search for a Better Paradise (Review). Utopian Studies 23 (1):282-285.
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    John Pfeiffer (forthcoming). Why the West Rules—for Now: The Patterns of History and What They Reveal About the Future (Review). Utopian Studies 23 (1):285-290.
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    Carlo Salzani (forthcoming). Quodlibet: Giorgio Agamben's Anti-Utopia. Utopian Studies 23 (1):212-237.
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    Lyman Tower Sargent (forthcoming). Herbert Sutcliffe and Radiant Living: Self-Help and New Thought in New Zealand. Utopian Studies 23 (1):2-27.
  15.  9
    Lucy Sargisson (forthcoming). Second-Wave Cohousing: A Modern Utopia? Utopian Studies 23 (1):28-56.
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    Csaba Toth (forthcoming). Resisting Bellamy: How Kautsky and Bebel Read Looking Backward. Utopian Studies 23 (1):57-78.
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    Sofia de Melo Araújo (forthcoming). Act 18. Utopia E Ciência (Review). Utopian Studies 22 (2):386-393.
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    Maria Elena Buszek & Kirsty Robertson (forthcoming). Introduction. Utopian Studies 22 (2):197-200.
  19.  8
    J. C. Davis (forthcoming). Going Nowhere: Travelling to, Through, and From Utopia. Utopian Studies.
  20.  3
    Théodore Georgopoulos (forthcoming). Organizing the Impossible: Constitutional Law in Icaria. Utopian Studies.
  21.  4
    Andrew Karp (forthcoming). 100 Years of Oz. Utopian Studies.
  22. Arthur O. Lewis (forthcoming). Directory of Utopian Scholars: 1996. Utopian Studies.
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  23. Arthur O. Lewis (forthcoming). Directory of Utopian Scholars: Supplement 1. Utopian Studies.
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    Bríona Nic Dhiarmada (forthcoming). Aspects of Utopia, Anti-Utopia, and Nostalgia in Irish-Language Texts. Utopian Studies.
  25. John S. Partington (forthcoming). HG Wells: A Political Life. Utopian Studies.
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    D. Suvin (forthcoming). JSTOR: Utopian Studies, Vol. 1, No. 2 (1990), Pp. 69-83. Utopian Studies.
    ... Lenin, Philosophical Notebooks 1. The Pragmatics of Utopian Studies1 1.1. ... The detour is apparent because, as argued above, pragmatics subsumes?but also needs to be based upon?not only syntactics but also semantics (in this case, of Utopian studies). 2.1. ... \n.
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    William (forthcoming). The Fall and Rise of an Antipodean Utopia: Brisbane, Australia. Utopian Studies.
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