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    Sarah-Jane Leslie (forthcoming). 'Real Men': Polysemy or Implicature? Analytic Philosophy.
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    Alyssa Ney (forthcoming). Microphysical Causation and the Case for Physicalism. Analytic Philosophy.
    Physicalism is sometimes portrayed by its critics as a dogma, but there is an empirical argument for the position, one based on the accumulation of diverse microphysical causal explanations in physics, chemistry, and physiology. The canonical statement of this argument was presented in 2001 by David Papineau. The goal of this paper is to demonstrate a tension that arises between this way of understanding the empirical case for physicalism and a view that is becoming practically a received position in philosophy (...)
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  3. Stephen Yablo (forthcoming). Ifs, Ands, and Buts: An Incremental Truthmaker Semantics for Indicative Conditionals. Analytic Philosophy.
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