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    Andreas Elpidorou (forthcoming). The Embodied and Social Dimensions of Free Will: The Value of Phenomenology. AJOB Neuroscience.
  2. Sven Nyholm & Stephen M. Campbell (forthcoming). When Is Deep Brain Stimulation a Medical Benefit, and What Is Required for Consent? AJOB Neuroscience.
    Hübner and White argue that we should not administer DBS to psychopathic prisoners. While we are sympathetic to their conclusion, we argue that the authors’ two central arguments for this conclusion are problematic. Their first argument appeals to an overly restrictive conception of individual medical benefit: namely, that an individual medical benefit must alleviate subjective suffering. We highlight cases that clearly constitute individual medical benefits although there is no relief of subjective suffering. The second argument depends on an overly restrictive (...)
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