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    Michael Berman (forthcoming). Reflection, Objectivity, and the Love of God, a Passage From Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Perception. Heythrop Journal 51 (5).
    Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Perception (1945) essentially aims at debunking the myth of objectivity. The Phenomenology takes the entire Western tradition to task over its reliance on the objective attitude, showing how this attitude structures the architectonics of idealism and empiricism. These philosophies share the same presuppositions: their metaphysics and epistemologies are inherently dualistic. The problematics that stem from this objectivism have informed the Western understanding of God. This essay undertakes an examination of one of the more extended treatments of God (...)
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    Olga Tabachnikova (forthcoming). The Religious‐Philosophical Heritage of Lev Shestov in the Context of Contemporary Russia and the Wider World. Heythrop Journal 51 (5).
    The Russian-Jewish religious thinker Lev Shestov (1866–1938) has returned from obscurity in the post-Soviet revival of religious and philosophical thought in Russia. Despite his reputation as an anti-modern irrationalist, his heritage is of key relevance to contemporary currents in Russia and the wider world; we here explore the implications of his contribution in religious, social, philosophical and literary-cultural contexts. In particular, we trace Shestov's relation to post-modernism in various settings. We explore the connection between his thought and the conflict between (...)
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    David Robjant (forthcoming). How Miserable We Are, How Wicked; Into the ‘Void’ with Murdoch, Mulhall, and Antonaccio. Heythrop Journal.
    Discussion of Iris Murdoch recalls Socrates' plea that he be allowed a crabwise approach to the Good. What his audience want of a direct approach is an explanation of precisely what sort of thing the Good is, where the demand for precision carries the force of: Tell me now, in which of the categories of thing I already allow to exist is the Good to be found? This is just what academia has done with the obscure singularity of Murdoch – (...)
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    O. S. B. M. John Farrelly (forthcoming). Religious Culture and Historical Change: Vatican II on Religious Freedom. Heythrop Journal.
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  5. Irena Nulman, Dennis Scolnik, David Chitayat, Lesly D. Farkas & Gideon Koren (forthcoming). Feminist Philosophy of Religion and the Problem of Epistemic Privilege. Heythrop Journal.
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    M. E. I. S. (forthcoming). Heidegger and the Appropriation of Metaphysics. Heythrop Journal.
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