1. Jonathan Haidt, Silvia Helena Koller & Maria G. Dias (1993). Affect, Culture, and Morality, Or Is It Wrong to Eat Your Dog? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 65 (4):613-28.
    Are disgusting or disrespectful actions judged to be moral violations, even when they are harmless? Stories about victimless yet offensive actions (such as cleaning one's toilet with a flag) were presented to Brazilian and U.S. adults and children of high and low socioeconomic status (N = 360). Results show that college students at elite universities judged these stories to be matters of social convention or of personal preference. Most other Ss, especially in Brazil, took a moralizing stance toward these actions. (...)
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  2. Daniel T. Gilbert, Romin W. Tafarodi & Patrick S. Malone (1993). You Can't Not Believe Everything You Read. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 65 (2):221-233.
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