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    H. Baltscheffsky, C. Blomberg, H. Liljenström & B. I. B. Lindahl (1997). On the Origin and Evolution of Life: An Introduction. Journal of Theoretical Biology 187 (4).
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    B. I. B. Lindahl (1997). Consciousness and Biological Evolution. Journal of Theoretical Biology 187 (4):613-29.
    It has been suggested that if the preservation and development of consciousness in the biological evolution is a result of natural selection, it is plausible that consciousness not only has been influenced by neural processes, but has had a survival value itself; and it could only have had this, if it had also been efficacious. This argument for mind-brain interaction is examined, both as the argument has been developed by William James and Karl Popper and as it has been (...)
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  3. P. Arhem & H. Liljenstrom (1997). On the Coevolution of Consciousness and Cognition. Journal of Theoretical Biology 187:601-12.
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