1. John Hartmann (2010). Review of Graham Harman, Prince of Networks: Bruno Latour and Metaphysics. [REVIEW] Kinesis 36 (2):65-70.
  2. Danilo Fraga Dantas (2010). Know Thyself: Externalism and Self-Knowledge of Past Atittudes. Kinesis 2 (3):157 – 174.
    There is a thesis that assure the computability between externalize about mental content and self-knowledge (BURGE, 1988). However, this theses, that explore the auto-verification property of claims of the type “I think that p”, works only for assertive claims that are express in the simple present tense. Among the problematic cases are the claims in the past tense and claims about specific propositional attitude. This fails about the thesis of the compatibility is pointed by Boghossian (1992) as a prove of (...)
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