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  1. John S. Fenlon, Malcolm J. Faddy, Menia Toussidou & Michael E. Courcy Williamdes (forthcoming). Egg Distributions of Insect Parasitoids: Modelling and Analysis of Temporal Data with Host Density Dependence. Acta Biotheoretica.
    A simple numerical procedure is presented for the problem of estimating the parameters of models for the distribution of eggs oviposited in a host. The modelling is extended to incorporate both host density and time dependence to produce a remarkably parsimonious structure with only seven parameters to describe a data set of over 3,000 observations. This is further refined using a mixed model to accommodate several large outliers. Both models show that the level of superparasitism declines with increasing host density, (...)
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  2. C. Sanogo, S. Ben Miled & N. Raissi (forthcoming). Viability Analysis of Multi-Fishery. Acta Biotheoretica.
    Abstract This work is about the viability domain corresponding to a model of fisheries management. The dynamic is subject of two constraints. The biological constraint ensures the stock perennity where as the economic one ensures a minimum income for the fleets. Using the mathematical concept of viability kernel, we find out a viability domain which simultaneously enables the fleets to exploit the resource, to ensure a minimum income and stock perennity. Content Type Journal Article Category Regular Article Pages 1-19 DOI (...)
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