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  1. Alexander Ehmann (forthcoming). Messung und Invarianz - Ein Beitrag zum Metrologischen Strukturenrealismus. Philosophia Naturalis 50 (2).
    [ENGLISH] The present article is a contribution to the development of metrological structural realism (MSR). This position of philosophy of science goes back to Matthias Neuber, who introduces it as a third variation of the main structural realisms: epistemic structural realism (ESR) and ontic structural realism (OSR). Here, Neuber attempts to tackle the problems of OSR and ESR while preserving their respective strengths. Of central importance to his approach, are the concepts of invariance, structure and, especially, measurement. Starting from Eino (...)
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  2. Matias Slavov (forthcoming). Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation and Hume's Conception of Causality. Philosophia Naturalis 50 (2).
    This article investigates the relationship between Hume’s causal philosophy and Newton’s philosophy of nature. I claim that Newton’s experimentalist methodology in gravity research is an important background for understanding Hume’s conception of causality: Hume sees the relation of cause and effect as not being founded on a priori reasoning, similar to the way that Newton criticized non - empirical hypotheses about the properties of gravity. However, according to Hume’s criteria of causal inference, the law of universal gravitation is not a (...)
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