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  1. Daniel Koltonski (forthcoming). A Good Friend Will Help You Move a Body: Friendship and the Problem of Moral Disagreement. Philosophical Review.
    On the shared-­ends account of close friendship, proper care for a friend as an agent requires seeing yourself as having important reasons to accommodate and promote the friend’s valuable ends for her own sake. However, that friends share ends doesn't inoculate them against disagreements about how to pursue those ends. This paper defends the claim that, in certain circumstances of reasonable disagreement, proper care for a friend as a practical and moral agent sometimes requires allowing her judgment to decide what (...)
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    Ned Markosian (forthcoming). Are You Special? A Review of Caspar Hare's *On Myself, and Other, Less Important Subjects*. [REVIEW] Philosophical Review.
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  3. Kati Balog (forthcoming). New Conceivability Arguments or Revenge of the Zombies. Philosophical Review.
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    J. Lippitt (forthcoming). Reading Cavell: Alice Crary and Sandford Shieh, Eds., Reading Cavell. New York: Routledge, 2006 [Book Review]. Philosophical Review.
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