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  1. Anastasia Philippa Scrutton (forthcoming). Two Christian Theologies of Depression. Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology.
    Some recent considerations of religion and psychiatry have drawn a distinction between pathological and spiritual/mystical experiences of mental phenomena typically regarded as within the realm of psychiatry (e.g. depression, hearing voices, seeing visions/hallucinations). Such a distinction has clinical implications, particularly in relation to whether some religious people who suffer from depression, hear voices, or see visions should be biomedically treated. Approaching this question from a theological and philosophical perspective, I draw a distinction between (what I call) ‘spiritual health’ (SH) and (...)
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  2. Mark Sprevak (forthcoming). Commentary on 'Conceptual Challenges in the Neuroimaging of Psychiatric Disorders'. Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology.
    Kanaan and McGuire elegantly describe three challenges facing the use of fMRI to uncover cognitive mechanisms. They shows how these challenges ramify in the case of identifying the mechanisms responsible for psychiatric disorders. In this commentary, I would like to raise another difficulty for fMRI that also appears to ramify in similar cases. This is that there are good reasons for doubting one of the assumptions on which many fMRI studies are based: that neural mechanisms are always and everywhere sufficient (...)
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  3. K. W. Fulford (forthcoming). Report to the Chair of the DSM-VI Task Force From the Editors Of. Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology.
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