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  1. Nat Hansen & Emmanuel Chemla (forthcoming). Linguistic Experiments and Ordinary Language Philosophy. Ratio.
    J.L. Austin is regarded as having an especially acute ear for fine distinctions of meaning overlooked by other philosophers. Austin employed an informal experimental approach to gathering evidence in support of these fine distinctions in meaning, an approach that has become a standard technique for investigating meaning in both philosophy and linguistics. In this paper, we subject Austin’s methods to formal experimental investigation. His methods produce mixed results: We find support for his most famous distinction, drawn on the basis of (...)
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  2. Scott Stapleford (forthcoming). Epistemic Value Monism and the Swamping Problem. Ratio.
    Many deontologists explain the epistemic value of justification in terms of its instrumental role in promoting truth—the original source of value in the epistemic domain. The swamping problem for truth monism appears to make this position indefensible, at least for those monists who maintain the superiority of knowledge to merely true belief. I propose a new solution to the swamping problem that allows monists to maintain the greater epistemic value of knowledge over merely true belief. My trick is to deny (...)
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