La Mettrie [3] La Mettrie [2]
  1. la Mettrie & Julien Offray (1996). Machine Man and Other Writings. Cambridge University Press.
    Julien Offray de La Mettrie (1709-51), author of Machine Man (1747), was the most uncompromising of the materialists of the eighteenth century, and the provocative title of his work ensured it a succès de scandale in his own time. It was however a serious, if polemical, attempt to provide an explanation of the workings of the human body and mind in purely material terms and to show that thought was the product of the workings of the brain alone. This fully (...)
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  2. La Mettrie & Aram Vartanian (1962). L'homme machine. Les Etudes Philosophiques 17 (1):116-116.
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