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    E. E. Antoniou, H. Draper, K. Reed, A. Burls, T. R. Southwood & M. P. Zeegers (2011). An Empirical Study on the Preferred Size of the Participant Information Sheet in Research. Journal of Medical Ethics 37 (9):557-562.
    Background Informed consent is a requirement for all research. It is not, however, clear how much information is sufficient to make an informed decision about participation in research. Information on an online questionnaire about childhood development was provided through an unfolding electronic participant sheet in three levels of information. Methods 552 participants, who completed the web-based survey, accessed and spent time reading the participant information sheet (PIS) between July 2008 and November 2009. The information behaviour of the participants was investigated. (...)
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    Regina Kunz, Eva Nagy, Sjors F. P. J. Coppus, Jose I. Emparanza, Julie Hadley, Regina Kulier, Susanne Weinbrenner, Theodoros N. Arvanitis, Amanda Burls, Juan B. Cabello, Tamas Decsi, Andrea R. Horvath, Jacek Walzak, Marcin P. Kaczor, Gianni Zanrei, Karin Pierer, Roland Schaffler, Katja Suter, Ben W. J. Mol & Khalid S. Khan (2009). How Far Did We Get? How Far to Go? A European Survey on Postgraduate Courses in Evidence‐Based Medicine. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 15 (6):1196-1204.
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    Amy Price & Amanda Burls (forthcoming). Increased Water Intake to Reduce Headache: Learning From a Critical Appraisal. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice:n/a-n/a.
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    Peter Bradley, Peter M. Bradley & Amanda Burls (eds.) (2000). Ethics in Public and Community Health. Routledge.
    The purpose of public and community health is to improve the health of populations or groups rather than concentrating on individuals. This book examines the ethical issues associated with public and community health. The contributors analyse the major ethical issues in public health - prioritisation, public participation, health promotion and screening - all of which reflect current practice in the UK. They examine what health services should be available, who should have access to which health services, what are the best (...)
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