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    A. S. McGrade (1999). What Aquinas Should Have Said? Finnis's Reconstruction of Social and Political Thomism. American Journal of Jurisprudence 44 (1):125-149.
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  7. A. S. McGrade (2012). The Ontology and Scope of Human Rights. American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 86 (3):527-538.
    Ockham is sometimes regarded as the chief source for a view of rights as arbitrary powers of radically isolated individuals. In fact he provides a quintessentially “reasonable” conception of natural or human rights, one which suggests a promising answer to the question of what such rights are, namely, capacities for reasonable activity. This view of personal rights is complemented by Ockham’s equally reasonable and suggestive account of what is naturally “right” for human communities in different human conditions. The unusual situation (...)
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