1.  11
    M. E. Adams, K. V. adaricheva, W. Dziobiak & A. V. Kravchenko (2004). Open Questions Related to the Problem of Birkhoff and Maltsev. Studia Logica 78 (1-2):357 - 378.
    The Birkhoff-Maltsev problem asks for a characterization of those lattices each of which is isomorphic to the lattice L(K) of all subquasivarieties for some quasivariety K of algebraic systems. The current status of this problem, which is still open, is discussed. Various unsolved questions that are related to the Birkhoff-Maltsev problem are also considered, including ones that stem from the theory of propositional logics.
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    M. E. Adams, K. V. Adaricheva, W. Dziobiak & A. V. Kravchenko (2004). From the Editors. Studia Logica 78 (1-2):3-5.
  3.  16
    Wiesław Dziobiak, A. V. Kravchenko & P. J. Wojciechowski (2009). Equivalents for a Quasivariety to Be Generated by a Single Structure. Studia Logica 91 (1):113 - 123.
    We present some equivalent conditions for a quasivariety of structures to be generated by a single structure. The first such condition, called the embedding property was found by A.I. Mal′tsev in [6]. It says that if are nontrivial, then there exists such that A and B are embeddable into C . One of our equivalent conditions states that the set of quasi-identities valid in is closed under a certain Gentzen type rule which is due to J. Łoś and R. Suszko (...)
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