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    Ruth V. Aguilera & Abhijeet K. Vadera (2008). The Dark Side of Authority: Antecedents, Mechanisms, and Outcomes of Organizational Corruption. [REVIEW] Journal of Business Ethics 77 (4):431 - 449.
    Corruption poisons corporations in America and around the world, and has devastating consequences for the entire social fabric. In this article, we focus on organizational corruption, described as the abuse of authority for personal benefit, and draw on Weber’s three ideal-types of legitimate authority to develop a theoretical model to better understand the antecedents of different types of organizational corruption. Specifically, we examine the types of business misconduct that organizational leaders are likely to engage in, contingent on their legitimate authority, (...)
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    Abhijeet K. Vadera & Ruth V. Aguilera (2015). The Evolution of Vocabularies and Its Relation to Investigation of White-Collar Crimes: An Institutional Work Perspective. Journal of Business Ethics 128 (1):21-38.
    White-collar crimes are illegal and unethical actions by agents of an organization. In this paper, we address two related research questions concerning white-collar crime—how did the language of white-collar crime evolve? And how did this language co-evolve with the investigation of white-collar crime? Building on research on institutional work, we find that key institutional actors such as the Presidential Office are likely to use frames and adopt a particular language in order to legitimize institutional practices . Conversely, less powerful actors (...)
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