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    Karola Stotz, Adam Bostanci & Paul E. Griffiths, Tracking the Shift to 'Postgenomics'.
    Current knowledge about the variety and complexity of the processes that allow regulated gene expression in living organisms calls for a new understanding of genes. A ‘postgenomic’ understanding of genes as entities constituted during genome expression is outlined and illustrated with specific examples that formed part of a survey research instrument developed by two of the authors for an ongoing empirical study of conceptual change in contemporary biology.
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    Adam Bostanci & Jane Calvert (2008). Invisible Genomes: The Genomics Revolution and Patenting Practice. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C 39 (1):109-119.
    In the mid-1990s, the company Human Genome Sciences submitted three potentially revolutionary patent applications to the US Patent and Trademark Office, each of which claimed the entire genome sequence of a microorganism. The patent examiners, however, objected to these applications, and after negotiation they were eventually re-written to resemble more traditional gene patents. In this paper, which is based on a study of the patent examination files, we examine the reasons why these patent applications were unsuccessful in their original form. (...)
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