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  1. Adam James Tebble (2002). What is the Politics of Difference? Political Theory 30 (2):259-281.
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    Adam James Tebble (2009). Hayek and Social Justice: A Critique. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 12 (4):581-604.
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    Adam James Tebble (2001). The Tables Turned: Wilt Chamberlain Versus Robert Nozick on Rectification. Economics and Philosophy 17 (1):89-108.
    Recently the demand for rectification of past injustices has become an increasingly important issue. Each of the last three decades has witnessed democratization processes in the Mediterranean basin, Latin America, in Central and Eastern Europe and in Africa where debates have arisen over rectification of past wrongs which naturally include the unjust expropriation of property. Most recently, moreover, the idea of land restitution to indigenous people, particularly in Australia, Canada and Zimbabwe, has become a prominent, if not always equanimous, part (...)
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    Adam James Tebble (2006). Exclusion for Democracy. Political Theory 34 (4):463 - 487.
    Recent consideration of the politics of culture and identity has failed to capture an emergent trend in political practice that raises important philosophical questions for normative political theory. To rectify this, identity politics is examined in terms of two distinctions. Examining that politics in terms of the distinction between left and right, as well in terms of the distinction between normative discourse and the policies that discourse justifies, enables us to do more than account for three standard accounts of the (...)
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