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  1. Adam Thurschwell (2009). On Continental Philosophy in American Jurisprudence. In Francis J. Mootz & William S. Boyd (eds.), On Philosophy in American Law. Cambridge University Press 130.
    This paper was written for a forthcoming Cambridge University Press anthology titled "On Philosophy in American Law" that commemorates the 75th anniversary of Karl Llewellyn's essay of the same name. Karl Llewellyn was a founder of the Legal Realist movement in American jurisprudence, and his essay is most obviously read as a brief for that movement, in which he argues that a Realist focus on underlying social needs better explains the course of American legal history than do the competing natural (...)
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  2. Adam Thurschwell (2005). Cutting the Branches for Akiba: Agamben's Critique of Derrida. In Andrew Norris (ed.), Politics, Metaphysics, and Death: Essays on Giorgio Agamben's Homo Sacer. Duke University Press