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    Michael Stocker (1983). Psychic Feelings: Their Importance and Irreducibility. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 61 (March):5-26.score: 6.0
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    Melinda Vadas (1984). Affective and Nonaffective Desire. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 45 (December):273-80.score: 6.0
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    Noémie Mayer (2013). Baudelaire_ Et _Mallarmé de JeanPaul Sartre Ou la Captivité Affective. Sartre Studies International 19 (2):78-96.score: 1.0
    Using an analysis of two of Sartre's biographies, and , I will show how freedom can be inverted into captivity in order to constitute an affective destiny. If every choice, act and affect of an individual is, through its “original project,” confined to a specific framework, the schema of freedom positing its choice of existence seems to resemble a circle of captivity: total freedom at the outset, and then a trapped freedom, limited by itself. At the basis of this alienating (...)
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